About Krasny Yar

About company

The chain of supermarkets "Krasny Yar" is an up-to-date chain of self-service department stores offering customers a wide range of foodstuffs and nonfoods. The chain includes 68 supermarkets situated in Krasnoyarsk, Lesosibirsk, Zheleznogorsk, Sosnovoborsk, Achinsk and Abakan. Wide range of fresh foodstuffs, high quality goods and also own branded products are distinctive features of "Krasny Yar" distribution network. Supermarkets "Krasny Yar" have up-to-date technologies in work of retail chain, high standards of quality, comfortable shopping. "Krasny Yar" is the choice of customers making high demands of quality, service and life comfort.

Head office

660135 Krasnoyarsk, Vzletnaya Street 5G, 2nd, 3rd floors
tel.: +7 (391) 277-13-90
fax: +7 (391) 2777-820
e-mail: info@krasyar.ru